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What is the Best HUD for Rush Poker?

Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker has become addictive for many players. The problem however is that it is actually a very difficult game to navigate if you’re not using a HUD. You are always switching tables and coming up against new players which makes conventional reads on your opponents without the use of software very difficult. If a player re-raises or 3bets you out of position, for example, then you really have nothing to go on. That’s why anyone who plays Rush a lot should start to use a Rush Poker compatible a HUD.  The detailed statistics that a Heads Up Display provides you with will help you combat opponents and increase your bb/100 win-rate in Rush.

Compatible Poker HUDs for Rush Poker

Poker-Edge 5 users will be happy to hear that the PE HUD is 100% Rush Poker compatible.  You can instantly start playing Rush Poker games without having to make any adjustments or alter the settings when using Poker-Edge.  This is much better than HM and PT’s Rush extensions for example which require you to customize the display to work properly in Rush Poker games.

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The best thing about using Poker-Edge’s live tracking software is that it uses a central database that already contains billions of reads on players, rather than having to import and rely on your own limited desktop data. Using the Poker-Edge HUD in Rush Poker is therefore a massive advantage in comparison to HM’s and PT’s. Considering there are thousands of players in the Rush games, your regular desktop data is unlikely to cover everyone.

Poker-Edge 5 will do this for you and provide incredible HUD stats on all of the opponents in your Rush games.  The micro-stakes Poker-Edge package is available from just $4.95 per month, and is definitely worth buying for Rush Poker in our opinion. Another good option is Poker Sharpener and you can read our full review and tutorial here.