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Poker Sharpener Review and Tutorial


Poker Sharpener has it all – a poker odds calculator, tracking software, HUD and post-game data to improve your game.  Combining all this into one product makes it very useful.  The range of tasks and features you get with this product is incredible for just a flat $69.

  • Built in Heads Up Display
  • Individual Player Statistics
  • Poker Calculator
  • Monitor Performances and Sessions
  • Analyse Streets and Pre-Flop or Post-Flop Play

Poker Sharpener Review

The real time statistics on opponents are very well laid out (including a color bar to demonstrate an opponent’s aggressiveness).  You can click on opponents to get more detail to see how they’re playing.  You also get to see what previous hands you opponent played and what hands they raise with pre-flop.   The customization settings, pot-odds calculator and HUD means beginners can benefit immediately.

Poker Sharpener

Before you start playing you can choose your pre-flop starting hand selection and select how tight you want to play.  After you’ve set your desired tightness you can get instant feedback indicating whether your hand falls within your defined range during real play.  In tournaments you can set which starting hands to play depending on “M-factor” – so when M falls below 5 for example you will know to shove with every hand.

You can also identify table and player trends with configurable live charts.  This enables you to check whether players are adjusting their game at the table (very useful for tournaments) and see who’s playing the most aggressive or passive at your table relative to others.

Post-Game and Strategy Software

What really makes Poker Sharpener stand out however is the post-game analysis and configuration that the software offers.  This is what helps improve your game the most.  Features such as the ability to break down your performances and results into sessions, streets or even specific “plays” such as continuation bets allows you to look at your game from an objective view.

You can import hand histories from games before you bought Poker Sharpener and tournament players can break down their MTT results to see how often they got in the money or check their average ROI.


A bargain at $69.  We would definitely recommend this to others – the post-game strategy configurations alone make the product great!  Everything is clean, works fine and comes with good support. Also you can refer for any questions and more info in their official support thread on TwoPlusTwo here. Score: 7/10

P.S. For additional resources about how to improve your online poker game we recommenced this website, tons of useful links to online rooms, tutorials and much more.