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Poker Office HUD Review


Poker Office 5 is one of the best poker tracking softwares on the market at the moment. It is very useful for cash game players and MTT players alike, and it was voted the top 5 online poker software for 2009!

Poker Office 5 provides live game tracking, post-game analysis: which includes graphs, win-rates, reports and statistics; and it has a customizable HUD, odds calculator and hand-re-player.  Poker Office supports over 170 online poker rooms including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet.

Poker Office Features:

  • Live Game Tracking
  • Poker HUD
  • Detailed Reports, Statistics and Graphs
  • Hand Replayer
  • Odds Calculator
  • MTT-friendly

Poker Office Review

Poker Office has become a household name in recent times and it has traditionally provided the most  advanced poker tracking software on the market.  I’ve used this tool myself in the past and can happily say it improved my results and helped me move up the stakes.  The fact that you can trial the software first – or even get it for free just by signing up to a poker room amazes me.  if you want to purchase the software outright then the $99 asking price is very reasonable, especially with regards to how much it will earn you in the long term and also in comparison to similar products.

The best thing about Poker Office is that it offers a lot of features that its competitors lack. The live tracking Heads –Up Display (HUD) lets you import 16×16 icons as visual aids to make analyzing opponents more convenient.  No other poker software has this feature.  There are over 40 to display with the HUD overlay box and users can bring up the main stats pop-up box for a larger range of stats.

The post-game element of Poker Office is what it’s really all about.  Poker Office automatically records all of your games and saves the hand histories to your computer.  The reports and extended graphs then extrapolate this data so that you can analyse your overall game, bb/100, how you play specific streets or individual hands.  For example, you can click a button to see which hands you 3bet or cbet with.   The data also lets you compare statistics for different playing periods (such as VPIP%) which means you can view how your game has developed or improved.  If you’ve become more loose-aggressive entering flops with a higher range of hands then this will have shown with a higher VPIP%.

The hand player is another tool you should be willing to use that comes with the software.  Whether it’s MTTs or ring games, you can go through each game and analyse leaks in your game using the inbuilt  poker calculator.  The advanced filter means if you want to skip to which hands you 3bet with or dealt pocket pairs then you can do that also.

MTT players will love Poker Office too.  I have friends who regularly play the $10 – $4o MTTs at PokerStars and recommend it.  Poker Office allows players to monitor their Multi-Table Tournament performances as it keeps a good track record of your ROI, ICM and general playing quality.  You can break down your profits by looking at the different type of games you played (e.g. by stakes), and Poker Office lets you replay your tournaments to find cracks – for example making bad EV decisions at the bubble.


In conclusion, Poker Office 5 is definitely one of the better tools out there and well worth the price – even though it’s available for free anyway!   There are hardly any flaws with it, it is equally beneficial for both MTT and cash game players, and its own support forum and user-guides means you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the hang of it. As a personal preference we enjoy Poker Office and use it sometimes but it is still not as good and polished as Hand2Note poker HUD, especially if you are playing at PokerStars and want to use the best HUD. Maybe after a few more updates this software will be on par with Hand2Note but ATM it’s lacking a few key features and is not as smooth and easy to use. Score: 8/10