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Poker Edge 5 HUD Review and Tutorial

Poker-Edge released their latest edition of Poker Edge 5 recently, which offers the most powerful poker HUD for online poker players.  The poker HUD contains a massive range of stats such as VPIP, 3bet/F (fold-to-3bet) and AG.  Unlike other tools, the HUD on Poker-Edge has customisable icons which I’ve found are great for understanding and reading a player faster.  Poker-Edge uses a unique “Stages” technology  that you don’t get with any other tool.  This means your HUD is dynamic and displays relevant changing stats on each street e.g. pre-flop HUD stats such as PRF% are displayed during that part of the hand.  This helps reduces lot of onscreen clutter for you and isn’t something offered by similar products like HM or PO.  You can also easily skip back to stats for previous streets incase you need to too.  You can double click on each player’s HUD stats to open a bigger box of stats which includes a graph of their recent profits and win-rate.

Poker-Edge’s best feature is the central database, which your poker hud plugs into as soon as you set it up.  This contains billions of hand histories (and grows by 10 million each day) which means your HUD can access a pool of data rather than having to acquire your own hand history playing hundreds of hours worth of hands.  This is especially great for beginners because it avoids having to to buy poker hand histories from which can be quite tedious and difficult to be honest.

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Asides from its HUD, Poker Edge boasts powerful tracking features which includes a gorgeous set of graphs and user-friendly interface to analyse and review your game.  There is a feature for finding leaks in your game, plus you can review your cash game/MTT profits and compare different sessions.   Another awesome feature is the new notifications add-on which was released with Poker-Edge 5.  This lets you be notified when specific hands or situations arise according to your own back-end specifications (e.g. every time you’re dealt JJ, 3bet against or get re-raised on the turn).

Poker-Edge 5 also includes poker calculator and fish notification feature ,which tells you when a fish has logged in and started playing at a poker site.

The price of Poker-Edge 5 varies according to which version you purchase.  Micro-stakes players can pay $4.95/month which is an amazing deal, but if you want to use it in tournaments (with the M-zone gizmo) and higher stakes action then you should purchase the gold version for around $30/month.  You can pay for Poker-Edge through through PayPal, and I can guarantee you that the tool will be worth while!

Update 2019: As posted here it looks like Poker-Edge have been discontinued. Sad day for the poker-community indeed!