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Buy Poker Hand Histories

A little known “trick” to almost instantly improve your poker game (in conjunction with using a good poker HUD) is to buy poker hands. Sounds crazy? Not at all! Your Poker HUD is only as good as the data and hand history that you have to analyse.  The majority of players who use a Poker HUD regularly import hand history by buying it from sites such as, who provide a very small charge for up to 1 million in hand history charts.

HHsmithy is our recommended source for buying poker hand histories.  The homepage sates that over 15,500 players have bought hand histories from them, and they offer so many options including the ability to see how fresh the hand histories are.  This is great because you know the hands will not be outdated and you can be confident relying on their data.  You can select how many hands worth of history you want, for a particular room, at the particular stakes.

How much does it Cost to Purchase Hand Histories?

The hand histories that HHsmithy offers is $1) to buy bulk hand or $21.24 is their monthly subscription plan. Do I think the price is worth it?  It depends on how often you use your HUD and how big your existing collection of data is.  If you’re looking to buy hand histories than in my opinion this is a very fair price.  Using a Poker HUD is all about the data and stats collection that you have.  If you don’t have enough raw data than it will almost be pointless to use a HUD until you manage to start collecting a large amount from your games.

Advantages of Buying Poker Hand Histories

The more hand history and data you have, the more reliable and accurate your Poker HUD stats will be.  This is especially true if you’re decided to start playing at a new poker room such as UB and you want to get some quick stats on your opponent rather than building them up from thin air yourself.

Side note – you get free hand histories with PokerVIP subscription:

Whether or not you think buying hand history if you’re using Poker-Edge than you don’t need to because Poker-Edge uses a remote central-database for its data.  However for anyone using Poker Tracker, Holdem Manager or Poker Office then buying poker hand histories will be very advantageous.  The more hand history and data you have, the more useful and accurate your poker HUD will be. and the more money you will make! It’s as simple as that.