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Best Poker HUD for PokerStars?

There is no doubt PokerStars is currently the biggest and most popular poker room in the World and folks often ask us “What is the best HUD for PokerStars?”. It’s a fair question and it’s not really that easy to be answered without digging deep into all the available HUDs and thorough comparing.

If you’re looking for the best poker HUD for PokerStars then We’ve outlined some good options for you below.  As the biggest site in the world, virtually everyone plays at PokerStars. Fortunately, PokerStars has fairly lenient stance with respect to their players using poker HUD software.  Almost everything poker tool I’ve used in my career has worked at PokerStars without any problems, but for more information you can go to to see which poker software is allowed and which is banned.

Best Poker HUD for PokerStars: Hand2Note

  1. Hand2Note is the best HUD for PokerStars players and is 100% legit at the world’s biggest poker site. You can download Hand2Note’s free PokerStars HUD using this link.

Hand2Note, which has just been updated and improved yet again, supports excellent live tracking software/HUD packages for all poker players and includes a list of features such as detailed post-game reports, HUD with unload-able icons, leak-finder and table-finder add-on features.  The post-game Meta data runs smoothly, the graphics and interface are clean and tidy, and the package was voted the “best poker tool for 2019.”  It has a great rep in the forums and is an excellent tools for beginners, regulars and cash game and MTT players. Hand2Note is available for free for low stakes and it has a free trial. Have in mind that the free version has limitations and to take full advantage of the HUD you will need to pay a monthly fee.

Hand2Note - best HUD for PokerStars

Alternative HUD for PokerStars: Poker-Edge

2) Poker-Edge is slightly on the dark side of PokerStars software watch list.  Although Poker-Edge is banned officially, it’s actually 100% untraceable which means you won’t get caught using it or risk having your PokerStars account being banned.

Poker edge poker HUD

Why Recommend Poker-Edge Then?  There is a reason PokerStars chooses to ban products like Poker-Edge and that’s because of the advantage it gives users who play with it running.  The truth is, Poker-Edge is a fantastic product and has the most powerful HUD on the market which comes loaded with billions of stats on every player the moment you download it.  It’s really useful for players who don’t quite have as much hand history as other players at PokerStars and it saves money from you having to buy and import hand history from other places.

Remember that lot’s of your opponents are still using this gadget at PokerStars.  It’s entirely up to you whether you want to take the risk, but from our experience paying $10/month for Poker-Edge is a pretty small risk altogether.

Update for 2019: Poker-Edge have NOT been updated in some time, even their website is gone and replaced with some ads:( The only places you can find is at the moment are torrents websites and if you choose to download it from one of those please be very careful! You never know exactly what you are downloading, there might be a virus or some other unwanted software! That’s why at this time we consider Hand2Note as the only viable option as PokerStars HUD software which is free and also updated regularly.