Hi guys,

Victor and Alex here. Welcome to our new website that is about poker software tools to help you play online poker better, win more and more often!

Here we will review and recommend different poker tracking softwares, poker HUDs, poker trainers and more. We love playing poker and both have been playing for well over 10 years each so we know (or we think we know:) 🙂 what we are talking about.

We have real 9-5 jobs and families so this website will not be really updated too much. And in reality there are not that many new things in this niche, no new major good HUDs have been developed lately and certain poker rooms are cracking down to softwares so people don’t really get into this much. But we will try our best to keep it up and current when new softwares come out or some of the popular ones get a major update.

You can find all the latest posts we have on the home page here – http://pokersoftware.club/ and if you want to dig in deeper and read more guides and tutorials please check out our blog page. If you want to chat about anything poker softwares related please feel free to Contact Us at any time!

Cheers, best of luck and we hope you will enjoy our reviews and tutorials!